Friday, October 5, 2007

New aspects to the work

Vanessa Marsh, visual artist, has been in the studio with us a few times over the last couple of months.

Recently she has been working on a series of 'scores' that accompany our improvisations. After a group meditation and visualisation, we (dancers) start improvised movement, and Vanessa starts moving her paintbrushes.

Using rolls of paper, Vanessa interprets how she sees us moving (and feels, in the overall and ever changing energy in the studio) onto paper. Starting at the left hand side of the paper, she paints and walks, creating a visual score of our movement. If a particular improvisation is, say, 7 minutes long, and Vanessa is painting for 7 minutes, we then have a score which represents the full improv, through her perception. We have found that, after each improv, we are often able to correspond parts of her painting to parts of our improv. For example, one part of her work may be rather chaotic-looking, and this is where, 2 minutes in, our movements had a strong sense of chaos.

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