Thursday, December 2, 2010

What lovely things they say!

Alicia's 1st semester of the expandance Over 60s workshop in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre culminated there last week in a double performance - 'Neversaynever', performed by the group, and '12 Steps', a solo performed by Alicia. Here's what some of the workshop participants had to say about the experience:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and have learned so much. You are an inspiration and the
experience has been good for both 'mind & body'. I also like the way we exercise the different areas of
our body and it has to add to our overall well-being.
- Marie

That was a great show you managed to get the ladies confident enough to perform in. Your enthusiasm
and encouragement was the only thing that would have given a lot of them the courage to perform on a
stage- for an audience.

I will be the first in to your next session - rarely have I come across a more enthusiastic and talented
Dance and movement Instructor with such patience, skill and good humour --just what us elderly ladies
need -- keep up the good work! - Betty

I found it a valuable experience, stretching muscles I had not realised were so tense until then. The
group were encouraged to extend themselves as much as possible and there was no pressure for
those of us less able .In that way you inspired confidence and emphasised that to enjoy the dance was

It was also very affordable and including the cup of tea or coffee allowed the group to socalise.
- Eilis

The next term of classes begins in January2011. Details will be posted here soon!

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