Friday, January 7, 2011

Big hugs and Baby steps

Alicia just ended a note to me on Skype chat with 'Big hugs and Baby steps!'

I wanted to share this with you as it's the perfect encapsulation of how we expandance company members decided to approach the work this year: Be kinder to ourselves, and take each thing one small step at a time.

The administration and day-to-day running of a dance company, even one as small as ours - writing funding & grant applications, updating blogs, websites, twitter, facebook, editing video footage, hiring space, ongoing research into performance platforms, not to mention choreographing! - can be overwhelming at times, with to-do lists that reach the floor. (Add onto that the day job and you've a nice full workload.)

So we were delighted to find out about NACHMO (thanks Erica Frankel.) It stands for National Choreography Month, and in 2011 it's this month. NACHMO's aim is to build a community of dance artists who commit to creating new dance work every day for the 31 days of January - even if it's just 20 seconds of new choreography. We encourage you to check out their blog, and ours, for videos and updates over the next few weeks.

The expandance daily technique, as many of you know, is rooted in meditation followed by improvisation, and we're utilizing NACHMO to take this one step further - to commit to creating set material on a daily basis as well. Thanks for the inspiration, NACHMO! Alicia is the company member committed to the project this year - here are a few video stills from yesterdays session in the Wicklow studio.

Happy New Year from a snowy New York!


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