Monday, January 10, 2011

WIN! Tickets to Celebrity at Project Arts Centre

We're kickin' it in 2011 with our first ever blog giveaway! 

Our very own Laurie Schneider choreographs 'Celebrity', a new play by the incredibly talented Jody O'Neill, this week at Project Arts Centre Dublin. Jody, you might remember, was one of our dancers in 'Sephiroth' / The Forest Piece in LD Dance Fest 2007.

Written by Jody O’Neill, directed by Carl Kennedy, and performed by Matthew
Ralli and Jody O’Neill, Celebrity gets deep beneath the glossy veneer of the media,
examining one couple’s struggle to live a ‘real’ life. Through text, dance, music and
more it seeks to express the current times in the fractured way that we experience
them. Celebrity looks at the construction of identity and the invention of character
in a world where fame equals power equals love equals worth- in a world where
you could be the next big thing and you’re only a Facebook page away from a
better, prettier, more popular you.

We have one pair of tickets to give away for this Thursday's (Jan 13th) performance at Project. If you're interested in going, please e-mail with the subject line: Peer to Peer - Celebrity tickets! by 5pm (Irish time) on Tuesday and we'll pick an address at random. If you like, you can also say something lovely about us in the body of your e-mail - it won't help you get the tickets, but it'll make us feel fabulous :)

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