Saturday, June 11, 2011

'little Time little Space' at Mamuska night!

What a night, what a crowd, what a performance!

As a prelude to the performance and to add to the high drama of getting to the space the heavens above roared with thunder and the streets were engulfed with rivers of rain and hailstone. Not to be detered we made it to La Cathedral and got down to buisness

A big thank you to Ailish and Kathleen for their open, smiling, connected performance they gave of 'little Time, little Space', to Brigit at the Back loft who organised the night and the audience for their connection and willingness to come along for the ride!

So many memories and a great sense of being home was felt in the Back loft. This was the space were expandance was born in ICNWP 2006. Almost 5 years on in different continents, 3 new children, a marriage and so much more in between... I am looking forward to what comes of the next 5!

Pics and video links to the night coming soon :)

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