Monday, September 5, 2011

New Rock Om Rehearsal shots NYC

Some recent Rock Om rehearsal pics, from Gina Gibney's studio 6, and Anna Sperber's 'Brazil' studio in Bushwick!

 Brazil studioin Bushwick (Brooklyn, New York) - Clare, Hunt, Matt and Erica
 In studio 6 at Gibney Dance - Krista, Alicia (over from Ireland!), ChristinaNoel and Clare working on one of the Rock Om travelling sequences.
 In studio 'Brazil' - Hunt and Clare, Matt and Erica.
 In Studio 6 at Gibney Dance - Krista, ChristinaNoel, and Clare being creative on paper after an improvisation.

Brazil studio - Matt, Erica, Hunt, Clare and Krista our rehearsal director.

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