Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I don't do this often, but...

I'm putting a video up on the blog that's not ours.

It's not a video with choreography, or dance, or theatre. It's not a video by expandance. It doesn't even have one of us in it.

But it shows one of nature's marvels, the one that happened to be the inspiration for expandance technique: Birds flocking. And boy, these starlings flock the flock out of flocking...

The expandance technique is based on this premise: Birds / fish / animals move in sequence with each other all the time, without thinking about it, talking about it or planning it. They don't bump into each other, they just move together, completely harmoniously. If we were to get out of our human intellects long enough to let the infinite intelligence of our bodies be in charge, perhaps nature would allow us to move in close proximity to each other without injury.

(Here's a secret: it does! And soon we'll be improvising more outside of the confines of the rehearsal studio, so you can see what we mean when we talk about ''improvising from our centres instead of our heads'')

A film by Liberty Smith and Sophie Windsor Clive


- Rachel

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