Thursday, December 8, 2011


Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We appreciate every dollar.
If you love our work, please consider telling 10 of your friends about our campaign to bring Rock Om to Oberon in MA in January. Help us get this piece, that we've been working on for over 12 months, out of the studio to the public! We're using every dollar wisely and effectively.

A note from Rachel: 

It's time to get personal, and let you all know what this means to us.

I've been personally funding the development of Rock Om for over a year. I've sourced and paid for hundreds of hours of studio rental, black and white clothes that could pass as costumes, and poured well over a thousand hours (yes) into developing this work for the company - all this while continuing to run the company, and all this outside my 'day job'. The dancers have given up paid work time and again in order to come into the studio and rehearse, because they believe in this piece and it's ability to enlighten and inspire. 

If we don't reach this goal, our lighting designer, our costume designer, I and the dancers don't receive our fee of $500 while we're in Boston. What this means for the dancers is, each of us will give up money we'd usually receive through our day jobs in New York in order to come to Boston and perform this piece. It's incredibly important that we reach our fundraising goal. Please help us by spreading the word. Thank you. 

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