Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post-show round-up

Thank you to everyone who came to see our shows with Zoe Dance in Cambridge, MA at the weekend. It was wonderful to be able to travel as a company to Boston and to share a stage with another company, to get to know them, to learn, to exchange ideas and information. Like Callie Chapman, director of Zoe Dance, I firmly believe this kind of cross-cultural live performance not only enriches the cultural landscape of the local community, but also broadens the dancers horizons, enabling them to bring home to their communities new concepts, approaches, and energy. See some footage of our Zoe Dance / expandance improvisation and open rehearsal at Green Street studios here.

Rehearsal of the 'Phoenix' section in Oberon


Snow, dancers, and dancer holiday lights in Cambridge
Thank you Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Tommy O'Doyle's pub in Harvard Square for helping us feed the dancers while we were in Boston. 

With your help in our last IndieGoGo campaign, we were able to pay the dancers a small dividend to perform in Boston - not enough to cover our costs, exactly, but enough to take the sting out of leaving our day jobs for four days. We also paid our composer, our costume designer, and covered our props, travel and marketing expenses. However, as we didn't reach our fundraising goal, we still need to pay the venue and the photographer, which totals over $1,000. Please consider donating today - every donation helps and is tax-deductible. And no donation is too small. Thank you for clicking here and choosing 'expandance' from the drop-down menu, and donating tomorrow afternoon's coffee money to a good cause: ART! 

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