Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Flipped' / The Process - Or, what I've learned so far

Flipped rehearsal May 27th 2012
1. Choreographers talk too much.*

2. My body has changed much in the last ten years. Dancing every day from age 3 to 19, and then focusing on choreography rather than class from 20 - 30 - although continuing yoga / running / gym - created bigger changes in my body than I was aware of before starting this piece.

3. Regular workouts - even 'thorough' ones - do not train many of the muscles dancers use on a regular basis. Only dancing can do that.

4. Epsom salts are awesome, and necessary. And not just for painful muscles - but also to create space in the body, where newly learned material can start to take root.

5. I still have that tendency to want to 'get' everything right away and still need to learn patience.

6. It is humbling** to dance movements that I personally wouldn't choreograph, and, moreover, to embrace them.

7. It is a relief to let go of control, and also requires willpower and reminders to do so.

8. Some of these rehearsals feel like private dance lessons, and that is an incredibly nurturing thing.

9. I often work better when someone else is around. They don't even need to be working with me - just physically nearby.

10. Judging myself doesn't make my dancing better. It just upsets me and others around me.

11. I still look as stern ("like you want to kill someone!") when executing other people's movement material - as I did when I was seven. Matthew wrote to ''[be] engaged but not too severe in focus''. As did every Royal Academy of Dancing examiner who ever had the misfortune of being in the same room as that scowl.

-- Rachel 

* This is not necessarily pertinent to all the choreographers I worked with. I noticed it for myself - I, as a choreographer, while creating, talk too much. It took being outside that role to see it.
** I did not have this humility age twenty, which is why I didn't dance for others and instead took the choreographic route.

Thank you to everyone who has given their time and support to this piece.
Choreography: Hunt Parr, Erica Frankel, Krista Racho-Jansen and Matthew Westerby.
Mentoring: Savina Theodorou

"Flipped" will be shown at Movement Research Open Performance Series as a work-in-progress on
Wednesday May 30th at 8pm 
The Great Room, 138 South Oxford Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York. 
Free / donations welcome
Map of the area and nearby subways here.

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