Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dance for musical improvisers

Are you on a musical improv team? Yay!

Are you a fabulous singer and an incredible improvisor … who secretly quakes at the thought of dancing on stage? Do you find yourself rooted to the spot for your spot songs and shutting down on your opening numbers? Did you see "Blank - The Musical" and think "I could do that… if only I could dance like that!"
Do you feel like a dunce dancer?

All is not lost my friend. 

It's going to be ok. 

I've been improvising movement on stage since the age of 12, and I'd like to share with you some of what I've learnt from studying improv, dance improv, choreography and direction in the 20 years since. 

Things like:

* Interpretation of musical style - what gift did your pianist just give you, that you can turn into movement?  

* How to bring details from your scene into your choreography

* Back line choreography

* Movement inspired by your location / the driving emotion of the scene etc

* Spot song / duet / trio choreography and spacial relationships

* Motifs - call back your moves!

* How to listen to your team mates on a whole new level - with your BODY! 

* Creating dynamic stage pictures

Stage picture, you guys. 

… AND how to do all this without having to think about it!

Let me help you elevate your musical improv.

Book a rehearsal with me today: rachel@expandance.com 

*** Currently I'm in NYC. I'm happy to travel to give workshops too - let's talk! ***

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