Monday, May 4, 2020

expandance this Friday May 8th! Zoom-ing to wherever you are in the world.

expandance this friday!

On Zoom - wherever you are in the world #GlobalExpandanceFamily

Dear friends,

Join me for a beautiful expandance class this Friday morning

8am PDT - West Coast USA
11am EDT - East Coast USA
4pm BST - Ireland / UK
Last Friday we had a lovely class with people from Dublin, Ireland, London, UK, and California! I hope you can join us. More info below.
$ 20 / Or Pay What You Can
E-mail me at for the Zoom link

~ Rachel

p.s. Share with friends! The Facebook event is here
May 2020

Join me for 55 minutes of expandance to start our day centered, embodied, and alive. Move out your stresses and fears, and come back to a deeper connection with yourself.

expandance is a dance and meditation practice in one. If you're not comfortable with other people seeing you dance, you can tilt your camera or turn off video for those exercises.

We will start right at 8am; I'll open the room at 7:55am so we can all come in and start on time.

We will be finished by 8:55 / 11:55 / 4:55 so that California peeps can start work by 9 if they need to. ♥
Free for immigrants, the undocumented, and those on the front lines: anyone working in a hospital, grocery store, delivery service etc.
Things I Get Asked All The Time / FAQs! 
* Do I need to know how to dance?
Nope. No experience at all is needed.
* What if I like dancing, but I'm supremely bad at it?
Well, firstly, that's most likely just your judgment speaking, and secondly, one of the wonderful things about expandance is it can actually help you change how you feel about your movement. One of the reasons I created this technique was to stop those ''judgey demons'' in my head that would decide to pop up whenever I started moving. There's a distinct possibility that after expandance, you'll replace the thought ''I'm bad at dancing'' with ''I don't care what I look like, I feel AMAZING'' or ''I'm actually not that bad!"
* I'm kinda self conscious and would feel better if others didn't see me. Is that cool?
Totally. You're more than welcome to tilt your laptop camera up to the ceiling during the dancey bits so that nobody can see you. Some folks do that! Bear in mind though, that (A) we're all going to be dancing too so nobody's looking at you, and (B) we all look tiny in our little Zoom windows anyway.
* What if I'm bad at learning choreography?
Good thing there's none to learn in this class :) I'll give guidance through improvised exercises - the movement though, comes from you.
* I have some injuries / can't move a lot. Can I still participate?
Yes! I also work with people who are chair-bound; with the dance improvisations there's always an intention or meditation behind them, and throughout, and so there's always a way to participate. And if you have concerns please e-mail me beforehand and we can work out what's best for you.
* So what's this class about then?
It's about you getting into your body, getting in touch with it, freeing yourself up a bit, getting moving, allowing some creativity to be awakened, learning to trust yourself, gain a bit more confidence, shake off and move through stress and fear and other feelings that come from living through tough times, and ultimately coming out of class feeling a hell of a lot calmer, more centered, happier and relaxed than you did at the beginning.
Any other questions? Let me know!

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