Thursday, August 20, 2020

Class tomorrow


Yes, there will be class tomorrow!*

* All being well...

With at least two fires relatively close to us here in Northern California, smoke in the sky and ashes falling like flurries of snow, it's natural that we are on high alert. Many of us have packed our ''go bags'' much earlier in the season than we usually would, and quite a few of our friends to the north have already been evacuated.

It looks like, so far at least, we're ok here in Sebastopol, so I'm planning on going ahead with class tomorrow. Please register if you're planning on attending, so that if we do need to evacuate and thus cancel, I know who to e-mail about class. 

REGISTER HERE for the Zoom link:
This class is FREE for BIPOC, U.S. green card holders and undocumented immigrants
Everyone else, donate here:
CashApp / Venmo: expandance
$5-$20 *or whatever you can do*

At high stress times like these, it's super important to look after our nervous systems. To breathe, to center, and to move our bodies. I hope you can join me tomorrow to do all the above and more, so that we can move through whatever the world throws at us grounded in trust, with grace and compassion for ourselves and each other. 

See you tomorrow, 

Young white woman in black dress dancing in a dance studio


Wednesday classes for the cancer community are ongoing

Please share with friends

"Release and Restore"

When: Every Wednesday 5:30pm - 7:15pm (West Coast / Pacific time) 
Where: Zoom 
For: the cancer community 
Cost: FREE

What we do: about 45 minutes of expandance - a mindful dance and movement meditation technique with me (all abilities welcome - I have modifications if you aren't mobile) and then restorative yoga with Sarah, which is easy and deeply relaxing and is accompanied by her sound journey with singing bowls. If you don't want anyone to see you dance, simply tilt your camera up! You don't need any dance or yoga experience. 

You don't have to be a patient of St. Joseph's. The only criteria is that you are, or have been at some point, on a journey to healing from cancer, and that you'd like a class that will help you feel wonderful and relaxed! We have a lovely, friendly group coming each week. We'd love you to join us.

In other news, my dear collaborator, friend of 20 years and co-founder of expandance, Laurie Schneider is undertaking a solo artist-in-residence week at Shawbrook Dance in Longford, Ireland this week. If you're interested in her process while she's there, follow her on Instagram here
Photo of a white woman dancing in a white dress, backlit in an urban alleyway
Laurie Schneider. Photo by @rahpetherbridgephotography

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