Thursday, August 13, 2020

Friday expandance classes continue on zoom

 Hi friend, 

It can be so easy, can't it, when the world is so different, and tough, to show up for ourselves and give ourselves some love and care. This is just a reminder that just showing up is 90% of it! To that end, I hope you'll join me for expandance tomorrow. Show up for the choreographer inside your cells! 

A note on registering for classes: 

Please remember to register! You can register for several weeks in advance if you like, just please make sure you're registered for the dates you want to attend class. Otherwise what can happen is we have people in different zoom rooms and things can get messy. Thank you to those of you who register! It keeps everything nice and simple for me!

Register here:

Thank you!

Friday expandance classes are FREE for Black, Indigenous, and People of color, as well as for undocumented immigrants (regardless of what country you're in). For everyone else, please pay what you can; $5 - $25 suggested. 

Donations can be made via PayPal here or via Venmo or CashApp ''expandance'' 

"I’m still reveling in the harmonious sensations after an hour of Expandance class .

Firstly, The combination of rhythm, self awareness and gentle movement had me right back in my conservatoire days of ballet and Tai Chi.  I was applying principles I’d had endorsed 40 years ago!  [I’m a professional singing and violin teacher, not a dancer.]

Secondly the cleverly focussed, embedded thought element had me working on a joint that had recently let me down.

The base of my left thumb is now free enough not to cause pain when playing my violin. A little more regular focus should have it completely freed-up.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachel’s teaching to anyone…. Lovely stuff!"

- Charles, UK 

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