Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Galentine's Day Danceypants!

Looking forward to seeing those of you who like to laugh and sweat next Wednesday 13th at Danceypants!

Danceypants is a 1 hour dance class, led by me, Rachel, where you'll learn new and retro dance moves to fun music in a welcoming atmosphere. My aim is always that you feel safe enough to make mistakes and laugh about it, that you get a bit of a workout, and that you feel uplifted. 

Here's the facebook event page - let your friends know you're coming!

WHERE: West County Martial Arts (down the hall, in the SoCo Aerial studio at the back)
7231 Healdsburg Avenue, Sebastopol, California

WHEN: Wednesday Jan 13th 7-8pm 

HOW MUCH: $15 - see below for special $5 offer!

PARKING: There is free on street parking a block away, and Safeway parking is two blocks away

WHAT TO WEAR: Workout clothes / yoga clothes / sweat pants and sneakers - not jeans! Bring water

INTROVERTS: Scared of showing up to something where there are a bunch of people? ME TOO! That's right, your teacher is an introvert and totally gets it, which is why I aim to create a welcoming environment for everyone. I or my door person will personally welcome you, show you where you can put your stuff, and where the bathroom is, and answer any questions you may have in the moment.

HELP I AM A BEGINNER: No problemo, this class is open to beginners! It's a mixed level class so there may be some things you don't ''get'' right away, so it's just as well I have a ''There Are No Mistakes'' policy! (Partly because I make mistakes too!) It's more important that you're having fun than Getting It Right. Just come ready to sweat a bit :-)

WHAT IS GALENTINE'S? It's a made-up Day of Friendship of Ladies Celebrating Ladies by Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation, the day before Valentine's Day. Or, as she calls it "Only the best day of the year"

SO IS THIS JUST FOR WOMEN? Nope! Danceypants is always open to all genders ♥ It just happens to fall on Feb 13th this month.

*** Special offer! Because Feb 13th is Galentine's Day which is a day of friendship, I have a special offer. IF you have been to Danceypants before and would like to bring a friend who hasn't, your friend can come for just $5! Just RSVP to me in advance, cc your friend, and let me know you're coming with them. That's it! ***

Any questions just let me know at 

See you next week,

Rachel :-) 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

SOLD OUT: A Moment of Self Care

Join us Monday January 28th 2019 

A two hour dive into relaxation. First we'll move from within through Rachel's expandance technique -  guided movement exercises, then we'll relax into restorative poses while Sarah's singing bowls wash over us in a beautiful sound bath.

"When I walked into the studio on Monday evening for ExpanDance, I didn't know quite what to expect, but I had a feeling I was going to experience something special. 
As the experience unfolded, I could feel the women in the room slowly open their hearts to the moment, the movement, and the music. Rachel's gentle and playful invitations to move with heart inspired deep surrender, and joyful expression. 
Following the vibrant dance exercises, Sarah guided us gently into a restorative yoga session - Within the first few breaths, I could feel myself relaxing deeply as Sarah played her unique array of instruments guiding us sweetly into a state of ease and bliss. It was so so lovely. We moved through three or four restorative asanas and each one was so delicious. 

The combination of dance, yoga and the sound healing was divine and I can't wait to gather with this group of women again next month."

Lindsey Dyer, A Moment of Self Care, December 2018

No experience necessary. Mamas welcome! We are both mothers and have safely taught our classes to pregnant and post-partum / nursing mothers. 

South Sebastopol, California. Address upon registration.

This event has very limited space; please pre-register at
$45 Payment reserves your space, and is non-refundable but transferable: if you cannot make it, you can give your space to someone else.

Friday, December 28, 2018


Come get your groove on and sweat out your stuff! 
Also: giggle. Quite a lot. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Thursday December 13th 
7pm - 8pm
7231 Healdsburg Avenue, Sebastopol, California 
(the back studio at West County Martial Arts)

An hour of new and retro dance moves to mowtown, 80s, 90s, 00s pop, hip hop and world music. Rachel's terrible jokes. And maaaaaybe a Christmas song :) 
Sweat, laugh, and stretch. 
No experience required.

"So fun! More please!" - Laura
"An energizing workout" - Danielle

PayPal $15 to and you'll receive a confirmation e-mail 
Water, and perhaps a small towel for sweat. I recommend wearing long hair back. 
Stuff you can move easily in, and sneakers / running shoes.

Rachel in the Barn studio

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Moment of Self Care

Join me and Sarah Jenness for two blissful hours Monday November 19th.
Dance from within with guided expandance movement meditations from me, then enjoy restorative poses whilst being bathed in a sound bath led by Sarah. Sound luxurious? Sound like something you might need before the family arrives for Thanksgiving? Come re-set your nervous system and leave feeling refreshed and deeply relaxed. 

Space is very limited; please pre-register at 

Monday, August 13, 2018


Sebastopol! Join me this Thursday for DANCEYPANTS

DANCEYPANTS is a fun, energetic, dance class designed to expand your dance vocabulary and make you sweat. Some song lyrics may not be suitable for kiddos so this class is 18+

Thursday August 16th 
7:30pm - 8:30pm
At: West County Martial Arts & Fitness (back studio)
7231 Healdsburg Avenue, Sebastopol 

Entrance is beside SukhoThai restaurant.

Wear comfy things you can move in (workout gear / sneakers / no jeans!) and bring a hair tie / water. No experience necessary.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Shakespeare in the Cannery 2018

Shakespeare in the Cannery 


Shakespeare in Love

Summer 2018 
Santa Rosa, California

Directed by David Lear
Choreographed by Rachel Wynne 

I'm super excited to be working on this show; it's funny, clever, and the cast is wonderful. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Family Groove

Are you a parent who can't get to dance often because babysitter + dance = too much money / hassle?

We get it.

We, Julia and Rachel, have a 3 year old and a 5 month old respectively, and we've been missing 

- hanging out with other adults!
- stretching and moving on the dance floor!
- grooving to fun, non-kid music!

So we've started FAMILY GROOVE

An hour of space for you to dance and stretch, with space for your little ones to dance with you, or while being worn by you, or to play. We have the (enclosed) balcony for kiddos who don't want to dance, for art projects or hang out space / fresh air. We also have a cushiony corner if anyone needs to nurse. 

The deets:

1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month
4:30pm - 5:30pm
At the Barn, Sebastopol, Sonoma County, California (E-mail us for the address / directions)

Donation $15-10 per adult; kiddos are free
No one turned away for lack of funds - please reach out to us if you need a week "off"
If you can do $15, please do. It helps cover those who cannot. Thank you.

See you on the dance floor,

- Rachel & Julia, and our wee ones Anias (3) and Tadhgh (5 months)

A recent Family Groove 

The other stuff:

* You are responsible for your own children, and for helping to maintain a safe space for all to groove
* Please carpool as much as possible
* Of course, talking is sometimes necessary on the dance floor, but please let's keep full on conversations for the balcony and the grooving for the floor!
* Max 2 adults per child 
* Are you a person-without-children who would like to come dance and help babysit? Great! Please connect with a family and come with themNo unaccompanied adults please
* Feel free to bring your own art projects etc for children who aren't so into the dancing (let's keep it to pencils / crayons rather than markers)
* Please refrain from this event if you or your kiddos are sick
* Please don't touch another person's child without their and their parents verbal permission in the moment
* If you take photos please do not distribute them publicly or on social media without the verbal permission of the parents

Thanks for helping us create a safe, loving, fun space to groove!