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The Technique

Initially a method of freeing herself to move without judgment, to dance from pure excitement and to embrace the creativity of her own body, Rachel now offers the transformative powers of expandance to her students.  Her methods range widely from class to class - yoga-inspired warm-ups, dance exercises, meditation, drawing, visualization, clowning games, tools for choreography and performance skills, vocalizing, massage, partner work, playing with music, group discussion and analysis - but always to the same purpose: for each student to dance the dance that his/her body already wants to dance, choreographing from the inside out.


The expandance technique is part meditation, part mindful movement, and part dance improvisation. Because of these three components, it can be (and is) utilized by everyone from professional dancers to people with mobility issues, chronic pain or injury, people undergoing medical treatment, and anyone who wants to be more mobile and present in their bodies. 


The technique draws on decades of Rachel and Laurie's training as professional dancers and choreographers, and also Rachel's decade-plus of facilitation training in group and individual healing modalities, Laurie's many years as a Pilates teacher, and various skill sets and other trainings we've done over the years - from Thai massage, to clowning, to capoeira, to comedy improv, to yoga, to acting, to directing, to our work teaching all different walks of life, ages and abilities. 


Each expandance group class or workshop can look quite different from the next, but in general the structure tends to look like this: 


* Group check in / intro 

* Warm-up

* 3-5 expandance movement and expression exercises 

(depending on class length; there are currently over 50 and counting)

* Warm down or stretch

* Integration / relaxation

* Check in / closing


When we are once again able to teach in person, we will be 


* bringing back some of the group and partner exercises that online teaching doesn't support

* organizing more retreats 

If you've been wanting to get to know your body better, heal chronic pain, gain confidence in yourself, or free up more creativity, register for one of our classes or workshops today. All bodies are welcome.

“I did expandance this morning with Rachel Wynne. If you have been thinking about doing this, Do It! I am not a dancer, I don't exercise regularly and I have chronic pain. I loved the unconventional warm up she lead us through and the visualizations with movement. Afterwards, I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. Most notably, I was able to release a considerable amount of tension that I was carrying in my body. I did all of this a short amount of time and in a small space.” - B, California

“I just did an expandance workshop and I feel incredible. I feel so alive, my whole body is just full of life force energy and I feel powerful, joyful and incredibly connected and grounded at the same time… my body is singing with joy” - Caitlin, Georgia



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