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Danceypants is BACK, BABY!


Remember how when you were younger (or like, yesterday maybe?) and you found yourself in your bathroom with a hairbrush pretending you were in a music video? 

That’s the idea behind this class. 

We have fun, we warm up, we learn a routine altogether, and in a non-judgemental environment we allow our inner kid-performer to take the (metaphorical) stage.

We'll be working on one routine each calendar month, so there's lots of time to get the moves down!

NEW HERE? Come the first week of the month! That's when we start the month's routine, so you'll get to learn it from the beginning.

All shapes and sizes welcome! You absolutely do not have to look a certain way to show up to this class. 

Learn new and retro moves to 80s, 90s, and 00s pop, hip hop, world music & more.

"It felt so amazing to move my body like that and just have fun, THANK YOU!” - Caly

“Holy Sh*! That was fun! More please!” - Danielle




This class is at the Community Center Youth Annex

425 Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Wear comfy things you can move in (workout gear / clean sneakers / not jeans!) and bring a hair tie / water.



• Do I need to be a dancer to come to Danceypants?

Nope. I break things down into bite size chunks and go over things a lot. We have had all experience levels (and ages - up to 87!) enjoy this class in the past. (My 87 year old calls it her ''brain gym class"!)

• I haven’t been to a gym since the Before Times and I’m feeling unfit. Am I going to be ok in this class?

No worries, honey.  This is a non-judgemental space, so if at any point you want to sit down / have a water break, please do. Listen to your body! I have modifications available for most movements, and you can always do what feels better for YOU than anything I'm teaching.

• I see your class says it’s for over 18s. Can I bring my 15 year old?

Sorry, no. This class is over 18s because (a) I don’t censor any music (meaning I don’t necessarily use the ‘’radio friendly’’ versions of the songs we love, so some contain explicit lyrics or content which is unsuitable for younger ages, (b) I don’t censor myself - I am an Irish woman with a sailor’s mouth, and ( c ) I don’t censor anyone’s dance moves when we have our ‘’free dance party’’ moments - I want you to be able to freely shake your booty without an embarrassed kid beside you. 

• How’s the ventilation in the space? What is your mask policy? 

Sebastopol Community Center and The Youth Annex follow state mandates on masking. At present masks are not required in the space, but you’re welcome to wear one if you want or need to. We are lucky at the Annex in that we can open the entire back wall windows, so we’ll have lots of fresh air, and we have the deck, so if you want to do the entire class outside, you can! 

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