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"What a great experience it was today to take my first class of expandance technique. If you're interested in researching within yourself for new 'places' to move your body, free of mental judgement and chaos I recommend to check it out. Thank you, Rachel Wynne, definitely discovered new places in me today." - Olga Dobrowolska, NY

"A re-treat that feels like a waterfall of nourishment." - Megan Marie, CA


"My greatest lessons from expandance have ultimately been about fearlessness. The meditative technique goes beyond other types of sitting or moving meditation I've practiced. That is, it accesses deep awareness, calm acceptance, and loving-kindness...and also manages to make me feel like a better communicator and more confident in general. This technique has allowed me to give myself permission to take work, at play, and in my relationships with other people." - Erica Frankel, New York 

"This was a master class in energy." - Bridget Lynch, Ireland

"When I first began performing improv, stories and character pieces, I had a tendency to over think things. Studying the expandance technique with Rachel helped me become a more grounded, confident performer. Years later, I still use many of the techniques I learned from Rachel to prepare myself before a performance." - Sarah Rainone, NY

"Rachel really has a handle on where to take the group at any given moment. Her sense of the energy is astounding and something I strive for in my own life. She's just so in touch and that's what I love and admire about her!" - B.B., NY

"I have worked with therapists on and off throughout my adulthood. I have always enjoyed dance and danced much of my adulthood for exercise, but more meaningfully as a fun, liberating, empowering and spiritual practice! Rachel's capacities and tools are among the most impactful and transformative I have ever experienced. In each of two 90 minute sessions, I felt and saw things that will carry me closer to the Me and Life I want. She has so much to offer!" - A.H., OR

"What I liked about expandance class is that it is a little bit of yoga, a little bit of mindfulness meditation, a little bit of drawing, and a lot of free style dancing. It even draws in Somatic Experiencing moves that focus on resourcing like using imagery and "dancing how you would like to dance". The amazing part is that no matter how complex and knee-deep in strategies that the expandance approach is, the experience for the participant is super simple and effortless. The feeling of joy and ease that I gleaned during the class followed me throughout the day." - Felicia Darling, PhD, CA

"Lately, more and more, I find myself modern-dancing around the house. Like, not dancing to music, not dancing like you'd see in a club/rave/hootenanny, but making modern-dance-type movements in whatever way my body wants to.

Rachel Wynne gets credit for this as a human. expandance

gets credit for this as a discipline. It feels pretty great." - S. W., CA

"Rachel is a brilliant instructor, her depth of knowledge is communicated with sincerity and ease. The Zoom sessions are hugely fulfilling." - Charles L, U.K.

"There are so many things to recommend about Rachel's course it's hard to know where to begin. First of all, she helped me remember that I have a body as well as a mind. Like a lot of people I suppose, I find myself locked inside my head far too much for my own comfort. expandance teaches you how to feel and experience your body in a way that's both profound but totally joyful and light. 

I loved the way that expandance incorporates play and gives you permission to let your inner freak out. Since doing the course my days feel that bit more spacious and my body feels my own again. Rachel is a wonderful teacher: encouraging, empathic and great at intuiting where your head's at. 

Before expandance, I couldn't ever imagine myself running around a stage like a little kid in front of others. But one of the real joys of the program is that it teaches you that it's not only okay to give yourself permission to open up in this way, it's also really, really good for you.

You don't have to be a dancer to do this. All it takes is a willingness to test your boundaries and to put your faith in others, but most of all in yourself. The rewards are enormous."  - Paul Willis, Costa Rica 2014 workshop participant

"The EXPANDANCE four day workshop at Living Forest; Lake Arenal Retreat center in Costa Rica was AMAZING! Thank you so much Rachel for holding a loving safe space for all to fully experience the gifts you have to offer. You have a beautiful loving heart! I cant wait until next years retreat! - Claudette Thomas

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