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Embodied Aliveness
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If you’re not “a dancer”

If you’ve never taken a dance class

If you’re injured or sick

If you’re a disgruntled “ex-dancer”

If the thought of a dance class terrifies you…

This is the class for you.

Dance classes, Sebastopol, Sonoma County

Hi, I’m Rachel Wynne, dancer and choreographer. Together with my partner Laurie, I created expandance to give curious movers radical permission to explore their inner landscape—inviting themselves, their communities, and the world into deeper healing and Embodied Aliveness.*


When you walk into an expandance class, you’re saying yes to an invitation to come home to yourself. This practice lives at the intersection of creative expression and somatic healing. expandance is about spaciousness, permission, and connection.


expandance is a creative space.

It’s also a healing space.

… Which makes it a sacred space. But, don’t worry, we make sure not to take ourselves too seriously...


Because really, expandance is a playful space.


When you give yourself permission to come into this space, you get to welcome all the disparate parts of yourself home. You get to show up exactly as you are and be curious about what you’ll discover.


And with expandance, there is always something powerful to discover.

Join the Practice

Join our #GlobalExpandanceFamily in any of our online classes. Click for more information and to register. 

Embodied Aliveness is the practice of cultivating centered presence in your body through movement and mindful awareness so you can show up for your life rooted and expansive.

What people are saying

"expandance is where your mind is set free and your inherent body wisdom opens up to releases with movement. Rachel's kind voice reminds you to let go of self judgment and free your mind. A beautiful healing experience! Truly love your work! Thank you!"

- Nicole Incaudo, CA

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